Configuring the Netgear WGR613V for Freephoneline

Before you start configuring the adapter, make sure you have the following settings for your SIP account:
- SIP Server address (sometimes called SIP Proxy)
- SIP User ID (the phone number, with 1 in front of the area code)
- The password for the SIP account (a combination of letters and numbers)
To obtain these settings, you must contact Freephoneline and ask for your configuration file. There's a one time charge for this, currently $50 CAD + tax. They will send you a Word document with the settings.

Plug in the router (power, the WAN port to your modem, one of LAN ports to your computer and a phone into the phone port). Open a web browser and enter the router's IP address (usually and login with username admin and password for the password.

Click VoIP Settings on the left menu

Enter the following settings:
- Sip Proxy: enter (if you have one way audio issues, try also
- STUN: enable this option
- STUN Server: any free STUN server, for example
- Tel Line: select yes under Line Enable
- Display Name: enter your name here
- Telephone Number: this is your Freephoneline number with 1 in front, something like 14165551234
- User Name: same as the Telephone Number
- Password: the SIP password from the Freephoneline configuration file
- Prefer codec: select the G.711 codec
- Support codec: select the G.711 and the G729a codecs
- Time Server Adress: any public time server, such as
Click Apply at the bottom, to save all the changes.