Setting up a Linksys SPA adapter for Freephoneline

Before you start configuring the adapter, make sure you have the following settings for your SIP account:
- SIP Server address (sometimes called SIP Proxy)
- SIP User ID (the phone number, with 1 in front of the area code)
- The password for the SIP account (a combination of letters and numbers)
To obtain these settings, you must contact Freephoneline and ask for your configuration file. There's a one time charge for this, currently $50 CAD + tax. They will send you a Word document with the settings.

Plug in the adapter (power, the Ethernet port to your router, and a phone into Line 1). Wait about 20 seconds then pick up the phone and dial ****110#. The adapter will read back (with voice) it's IP address (something like Open a browser and enter that address.

First, we'll adjust some of the SIP parameters, so click the SIP submenu.

Change the following parameters:
(in the middle of the page)
- Reg Rerty Intvl: 120
- RTP Packet Size: 0.020
- STUN Server:

Now click the Line 1 submenu

Enter the following settings:
(at the top of the page)
- NAT Mapping Enable: yes
- NAT Keep Alive Enable: yes
(about half way down on the page)
- Proxy: (if you have one way audio issues, try also
- Register: yes
- Register Expires: 3600
- Display Name: enter your name here
- User ID: your freephoneline phone number, with 1 in front
- Password: the SIP password, from the configuration file received from freephonline
- Dial Plan: use the following string (including parentheses)

That is all, click Save Settings at the bottom to save all the changes. The adapter will reboot and after 2-3 minutes you should get dial tone and should be able to place and receive calls.