Setting up the VTech IP8100 for Acanac

This page discusses the VoIP settings for the VTech IP8100 VoIP system. For the router settings, please consult the user manual that can be found here

Before you configure the router, you will need an e-mail from Acanac with your account settings. They usually send it to you 2-3 days after you open your account and it will have a subject like "Your Soft Phone order at Acanac is ready". In the e-mail you will find your phone number, the password and the domain (the SIP server).

Connect all the cables: power cord, the blue WAN port to your modem (or router) and your PC to the yellow LAN port. Wait a few seconds for the base unit to power up, then open a web browser and type Login with username Admin and blank password. You will be taken to the home page.

Click Configuration on the top menu, then Port 1 Configuration on the left

Enter the following settings:
- Telephone Number: enter your Acanac number, for example 4164771234
- Caller ID Name: can be anything, you can put your name here
- Auth User Name: same as the telephone number field
- Auth Password: the SIP password for your acanac account
- SIP Proxy - Addr: this is the Domain from the e-mail they sent you with the account settings. Something like or
- SIP Proxy - Port: 5060
- Registrar - Addr: same as SIP Proxy
- Registrar - Port: 5060
- Dial Plan: copy/paste the following string
- (optional) Voice Codec: the default value, PCMU means to use the g711 codec. If you wish to change the codec to g729 type G729 in this field

If you're having issues dialing DTMF digits (when using calling cards, dialing phone extensions, etc) go to the Configuration on the top menu, then Common Parameters on the left:

Try all the values between 1 and 4 for the DTMF Digit Relay Mode setting.

To register handsets with the VTech IP8100 Base Unit
- Power on base unit
- Press and hold SEL on the handset.
- Enter a new BASE ID once the prompt appears on the handset.
- Press SEL to save it.
Note: New handsets will prompt for a Base ID after they charge.

To de-register handsets from the VTech IP8100 Base Unit
- Power off base unit.
- Press and hold PAGE button on base unit and turn on power while you have PAGE button pressed.
- All handsets registered to this Base Unit should prompt for a Base ID.
- The Base Unit will now not have any handsets associated with it.
Note: Base ID can be found on a sticker on the bottom of base unit.